The Rutledge House Logo Progress

I’ve been working on a project for a wedding and event venue in Charleston, and thought it’d be a good opportunity to capture the branding process. I just got an approved logo yesterday and wanted to document the work that has been done so far 😃

It started out with a conversation. The Rutledge House is an old house in Charleston, SC that’s being renovated to become an event and wedding venue. The type of bride that would have a wedding there is attracted to the classic Southern feel, but in a modern day setting. However, this venue would also have events besides weddings taking place there like corporate events. For this reason, we wanted to avoid the cliche hearts, excessive flourishes, and calligraphy fonts that are so well present in wedding logos.

 After a conversation with the client, we decided to move forward with 10 different concepts. I still thought there was some elegance to the flourishes that could be brought in, but in a way that felt more representative of Southern architecture rather than lovey dovey wedding stuff.

These were the finalized concepts I ended up with. A few tweaks needed to be made at this point, but the concepts seemed to be strong enough to present to the client.

With each logo variation,  I tried putting it on place on a business card. I liked presenting the logos in black and white to still give off the idea of work in progress, but it was hard to visualize them without seeing them in use.

The one the client picked  was the one that spelled out “The Rutledge House” completely. Within the next few days I’ll be finalizing the logo and working on the website design! This has been such a cool project to work on. I’ve never worked in this space before and the idea of having thousands of people seeing this mark while they’re having a blast at the venue is so rewarding 😉 More to come, for now you can check out the coming soon page!

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