Make a Mark Baltimore logo updates!

Been working on a few potential logos for Make a Mark Baltimore! The Make a Mark brand itself is already very well established, but the founder has left us a lot of room to play with ideas. A team of people at Mindgrub decided to do some exploration on a graphic element that would fit the city of Baltimore. The first step was to start sketching out ideas.

I’ve only been in Baltimore for a few months now, but what’s cool to me about this city it’s not perfect. It has grit to it, and I wanted to try to carry that through with a few of the concepts. It also has this wild and artsy side to it, especially with MICA. I wanted to explore a few ideas that felt like Artscape. If you aren’t familiar with it, Artscape is the largest free arts festival in the country. It’s bizarre and weird and lovely.

Here are 3 of the ideas I decided to move forward with…

This one was inspired by a letterpress feel. I’m not sure how I feel about the yellow outline, but playing with the lines in the type was pretty fun.

My “artscape” logo. I kind of liked how playful this one felt to me, it reminds me of an arts festival logo that may be more in the direction we want.

Lastly, a more industrial logo inspired by a lot of the type on old buildings around here. I rounded the corners a la Draplin because I just do that now.

Just wanted to post a quick peek at what we’ve been working on so far. More tweaks to come!

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