Pokemon GO is making me want to be outdoors this summer

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Pokemon is coming back into the limelight with a geocaching app called Pokemon GO! Now, I avoided this thing for a while because it seemed like a super simple, casual mobile game I didn’t want to acknowledge. A lot of mobile games are plagued with micro-transactions, stupid wait timers, shit mechanics etc. Basically…I thought REAL fans are going to play the REAL Pokemon games. My fiance and I have basically gone to every midnight Pokemon release since we met so I’d say we’re pretty hardcore.

But then, we got it…and I think I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to chase down a Scyther. At the end of the day, I was at about 22k steps. I don’t even get that much activity even if I’m walking to and from work, then run a 5k. It’s insane. I’m level 8 and just craving to get back outside to catch more Pokemon.

Dude, go inside.
Dude, go inside.

It really is fantastic that this game has come out this summer. I’ve been losing motivation at the gym lately but I have a wedding dress I need to fit into in a month. Pokemon GO has given me an excuse to be walking around downtown and I’m not even tracking nor do I care about my steps. I just want to find some damn Eevees.

Not only am I outdoors more, but people are so damn friendly about this game. People of all sorts of ages have come up to me while I have my cellphone out, asking “POKEMON GO?!” and then we’ll all freak out in an eruption of nerdiness over this damn thing. A dude yesterday drove by me while I was out hunting, yelling “WHAT TEAM ARE YOU ON?!?!” Never have I been happy to hear a guy yelling at me from a car.

Clean, high contrast UI that won't intimidate beginners
Clean, high contrast UI that won’t intimidate beginners

I’m also really impressed with the UI which unfortunately I haven’t heard many people talk about. It’s clean, simple, and easily legible as I’m wandering around in bright sun. I’ve never seen such a pretty representation of Google’s API. It feels separate enough from the main games where it won’t be a turn off to beginners, but still integrated with the Pokemon atmosphere. I also love the “researchy” feel of it, like I’m walking around with a real life Pokedex.

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience with this awesome game. Nintendo was slow to embrace the mobile market but I’m excited about where they’re headed with it. Hope you all have given Pokemon GO a try or plan to before it gets cold!

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