My largest project that I worked on while at Mindgrub was for Exelon – a power company in Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia. They came to Mindgrub asking for an app that had a lot of business goals such as paying your power bill and checking usage. I was a Design Lead for this project, helping with creative direction as well as production for a few workflows myself. The most challenging aspect of this project is that we couldn’t just skin 3 apps with different branding. Each OpCo had its own business rules that applied to different customers. Having such slight nuances challenged our team’s attention to detail and focus, but the result was an app that I myself am proud to use nearly every day.

Throughout this iterative process, we were constantly testing and iterating using the agile method. This was my first time working within agile on a project and I’ve become an advocate of it ever since. This app also leveraged a tool called Lottie, which allowed us to play with animations while avoiding bloat.

The app is available on iOS and Android for BGE, ComEd, and PECO customers.

One of our biggest goals was letting users compare their usage over time, and even offer tips to offset a higher bill.
The Dashboard was the most challenging screen, with 3 different designers iterating before we tested one that users and the client were happy with.
While they looked similar, multiple businesses rules between the OpCos kept us on our toes, especially with Payment.
Lottie let us create simple interactions that really elevated the app.

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