Longwood University


Longwood University is a 4 year liberal arts college in Farmville, VA. Like Hollins, they had just gone through a rebrand with agency Free Range. I was tasked with incorporating their new styles and brand guide into a digital space.

Longwood has a crazy amount of traditions for a small school. Onsite our team was greeted by a passionate student body that celebrated odd ball events such as Color Wars, Oozeball, Chi Burning, and more. This passion and excitement for the student life in a small town called Farmville was the inspiration to take this site in a colorful, welcoming direction. Student Life pages are often my favorite pages to design because of showing the school’s personality, however Longwood’s team encouraged us to give every template a distinct tone and voice. This worked well with Pattern Lab and T4 integration, which let us work in a modular way while creating unique pieces for Longwood to build upon.

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