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While I have worked alongside UX designers for years, Outstand was really my first time working with research and development on my own. While we were redoing the Outstand app, one of the things that stood out to me the most was the lack of an onboarding experience when users first come to the app. After the app received a face lift, users were a little lost on where things were. I set out to change that and improve conversion by doing user research and figuring out how we could cater to both exploratory and new users.

After several interviews, user research, and sketching, a prototype was assembled where we presented a “wizard” at the start of the app, and a set of tooltips afterwards. The end result is an on-boarding experience that helps users find their footing, but also stays out of the way when it needs to.

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I started out with a “user flow” diagram that showed the possibly scenarios users might go through when signing upĀ 

All of the scenarios and screens were laid out in Sketch, then brought into an Invision prototype.

We added an “onboarding box” at the Dashboard after the tour is over that shows users progress on how to set up their profile, import contacts, and send a message

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