Youngstown State University


Youngstown State University was struggling with how they wanted to view themselves. They’re a bit of an underdog in Ohio, where everyone lives and breathes OSU. While Youngstown itself doesn’t have a great reputation, many locals have been there for generations and have a passion for the community. They’re hard workers, do-ers, risk-takers.
YSU was initially only scoped for a web overhaul, eventually going towards a complete rebranding after they were impressed with the direction the project. I worked mostly with my creative director on designing the look and feel for the website. I also got the chance to help direct my first photoshoot at NewCity that resulted with a completely new image bank for YSU to use. This was a very rewarding project that let me appreciate the power of photography as well as a strong message when conceptualizing.
YSU is currently working on content migration and will be launching in July!
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