Ranking the Office Food Trucks

* 1 The Green Bowl
* When I started at Mindgrub and first learned of Food Truck Fridays, everyone talked about The Green Bowl like it was a legend. It only came around every 3-4 months, and supposedly had the best bibimbap in Baltimore. At the time of writing this I have finally had this famed food truck and feel like my list can finally be complete. The Green Bowl definitely lives up to its name. For around $10-$12, you get to choose between a customizable bibimbap bowl, a “green bowl” which is sort of the same thing but no rice and salad instead, mofongo (mashed fried plantain dish), or burrito bowl. I went with the portobello mushroom bibimbap and was not disappointed. I will eagerly be awaiting this food truck’s return in another 3-4 months.
* 2 Pan Canteen
* A Thai food truck. They have a pretty customizable menu like The Green Bowl, and everything is grilled and made to order when assembling the bowls. I got the Thai fried rice with sautéed veggies. Their rice is cooked in coconut milk which gives it a good flavor, just may have been a tad too salty for me. I think they could have scaled back the amount of rice and given me more veggies.
* 3 Gypsy Queen
* Their crabcakes are solid, and you have the option to get one in a taco or even a “crab cone” which is artery clogging goodness. Crab cones are basically waffle cones filled with French fries, then topped with a crab cake followed by remoulade sauce or cheesy crab dip poured on top. I haven’t had the courage to try one yet until I can run the amount I used to.
* 4 Mindgrub Cafe
* The official food truck of Mindgrub has some surprisingly delicious food. Their black bean burger is mashed with coconut flakes which I’ve never had before, and the pickled red cabbage tasted fresh and crunchy. My biggest complaint is that for the price you pay the portions are a bit small and I wish the menu was a bit more extensive.
* 5 Pasta la Vista
* I got the pesto ravioli which had great basil-y flavor. While the sauces are super creamy, but the pasta itself was cooked a little too far beyond al dente for my taste. Probably could have done with less butter as well (shocking I know). Overall would still go back if the temp outside was below 50 degrees.
* 6 Bistro Lunch Box
* It’s good I’m just a little tired of seeing it. They’re here at least once a month, and are pretty standard as far as lunch sandwiches/burgers go. Nothing to really complain about, just kinda meh. I won’t eat their burgers, but I hear they’re very good.
* 7 Beef on the Street
* Nothing to really say about this one, just that as expected there weren’t great vegetarian options so I just went with fries.
* 8 Mexican on the Run
* How do you ruin tacos?!?! Dry, uninspiring. Too much raw onion piled on top of them.

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