Been playing quite a bit of Yonder Chronicles lately, and it’s made me realize how I need to bring back some self reflection and meditation for myself 🙂

Officially I’ve unpacked the last box (as a procrastinator this took 6 months+) and finally settled into my new home in Baltimore, MD. I’ve also been busy at my new job, Mindgrub, working on some great mobile apps. My first big one launches soon, and I’m currently writing up a blog post on what it feels like to design in an agile environment.

Additionally, I’m also working to plan a neat little event called Make a Mark Baltimore. It’s a 12 hour design and dev marathon benefitting our local nonprofits that do so much for our community. I’ve participated in it for 3 years now back in Blacksburg, but since moving to Baltimore I wanted to try bringing it here. If I can capture at least have of the energy and positivity of the events that have run before it, I’ll be happy. We’re currently set to have it on April 14th, 2018 at City Garage in Baltimore.

Last small update – I’ve submitted a proposal to hold a panel at MAGFest about the importance of UI in Video Games. If it’s not accepted, I’ll probably release the slides here on my site or make a video about it 🙂


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