Weekend beer haul

Happy Friday, all!

Posting what I’m drinking this weekend because it’s sunny and my projects are going well and I’m going tubing tomorrow. YAY BEER. Here’s what I’ve picked up:


Sierra Nevada released their “Beer Camp Across America” series, so I picked up their session rye. They’re basically limited edition collaboration beers with various breweries. Usually only available at these beer camps but they’re around for a limited time.  Untapped is telling me I’ve never had a session rye before so I’m looking forward to trying one from one of my all time favorite breweries.


Not gonna lie I bought this guy for the label alone. Wild Beer Co Evolver IPA. Kinda of thrilled with how my hot pink nail polish went with it too lol. I’m always down to try a new IPA, Untapped and Beer Advocate are leaving me wondering about this guy though, seems like a solid IPA but nothing ridiculous.


SORRY NOT SORRY. Sweetwater Brewing Co’s Goin’ Coastal. This summer I freaking LOVE citrus flavors in beers and no one can stop me. Grapefruit Sculpin, Pineapple Sculpin, even Key Lime Pie ales. To me, they’re the perfect balance of something refreshing while not overly sweet. I love hops, but 90 degree weather doesn’t exactly make me crave a double IPA. Living in Savannah taught me to love Sweetwater Brewing Company so I’m excited about this pineapple IPA.


Stillwater Superhop. It’s got some solid ratings on Beer Advocate & Untapped so I wanted to give it a try.  Only 6% ABV too so it seems like an easy drinking beer for some hot weather. I have no idea what a Neo-Tropic IPA is supposed to be, but I’m hoping it’s citrus-y and crisp. The label is pretty kickass too.


Decided I wanted something more local in my 6 pack so I picked up this Good Adweiss from Brothers Brewing. I’m not really a Hefeweizen fan so this purchase was more for my fiance than me, but I’ll be giving it a taste still. After the name and distribution changes, I haven’t really seen Brothers crank out as many unique brews olately so I was excited to see they had something different on the shelf.


I love how fucking crazy Flying Dog is. They don’t make the most ridiculous stuff ever but you gotta admire a brewery that puts Old Bay in a beer. Well, at least I do. I’ve had some good and bad stuff from them, but I still am never against trying new things from their brewery mostly because their Ralph Steadman labels are still amazing after all these years. This one is a Flying Dog “Brewhouse Rarity,” so limited release. I had to give this a try mostly because a Mint Julep Ale sounds disgusting and I oh so want to be proven wrong. Time…or um, less than 24 hours from now…will tell.

If you’re looking for my ratings on these beers later, follow me on untapped! Happy drinking!



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